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Det finns en oro i Japan över utvecklingen av shiban utanför Japan. Den pälsfluffiga, tunga, grova showshiban är inte av den typ man önskar i Japan.

Taizans och Hanas uppfödare Enshuuhirosesou MasakazuSatou skrev på FB 2012-06-30:

Please get to know.

A Shiba is a natural treasure in our country.
Although the direction of a foreign country will be considered to be a dog, it is cultural assets for us the Japanese.
as for a breeder, it is small that I am talking — it is not bundling, coming out and talking
Nippo was made for the purpose of research and preservation of how not the dog-species organization that performs Shaw but the Shiba, and the Japanese dog have influenced the life of us the Japanese.
The midget Shiba has built each system as a local dog in each area in Japan in each area.
For us the Japanese, a Shiba is the Japanese race’s culture and is history.
It will not be necessary to carry out such a talk, if I keep the Shiba as trade.
I would like to understand the thing well.
With me









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